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A Brief History

The Arizona Fire Service Pipe Band was officially established in 2013, as the need to combine the efforts of the state's many fire department pipe & drum bands was realized. In order to standardize our sets and training, and have the ability to support the needs of fire department ceremonies across the state of Arizona, the charter members agreed to organize the AFSPB.

Our mission as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization is to support our fire service members and honor our fallen, locally and nationally, with integrity and deportment, representing the rich traditions of the American fire service to our members and the public. We support our endeavors with fundraising performances, merchandise sales, and generous corporate and private donations. 

In the years since our inception, we have performed in numerous fire department and public safety events, ceremonies, funerals, parades, sporting events, and private events, as well as joining our members from across the nation, annually in Colorado Springs for the IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial.  

Today, the Arizona Fire Service Pipe Band is represented by more than 30 fire department pipe & drum bands. In order to increase our cooperation, we practice and play together, have standardized our musical sets, and host our annual pipe & drum school, where top instructors of all instruments provide outstanding instruction to members from across the nation.

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