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2022 Pipe & Drum Class

One of the paramount reasons for establishing the Arizona Fire Service Pipe Band was to organize all the fire service bands in the state together, standardize our musical sets, and practice together cohesively.

Following the establishment of the AFSPB, in order to achieve this goal, formulating a training apparatus became a priority. It was agreed that we begin an annual weekend workshop where we could bring in piping and drumming instructors in order to standardize and increase our proficiency with our respective instruments. 

As a result of this vision and our fundraising efforts throughout each year, we are able to host a comprehensive pipe and drum workshop, which has now grown into a 3-day school. We are able to recruit some of the best names in the world of pipes & drums to instruct our members and now those across the nation that choose to participate.

Our planning committee is underway, planning this years Pipe & Drum School. Look for announcements and posting on registration information to come.


P&D Instructors


We have been honored and fortunate to provide top-tier instructors for our members and attendees of our annual Pipe & Drum School over the years. Many of our instructors have been with us since the schools inception, and continue to return year after year, building on the tenants of proper musicality and deportment. Their instruction has been invaluable and has vastly improved the fire service pipe bands across the state of Arizona. As word of this Pipe & Drum School spreads across the nation, out-of-state bands are taking the opportunity to attend and improve their own skills.

2024 AFSPB Pipe  & Drum Workshop

OCT 11-13, 2024

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