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Jeremy Tyree

Piping Instructor

Jeremy was born and rasied in New Salisbury, Indiana. At the age of 17, he joined the United States Marine Corps in 1992. He retired from the Marines after 20+ years as a Gunnery Sergeant. After the Marines he decided to be a firefighter and was hired with the City of Yuma Fire Department where he is currently a Fire Engineer. He is also the Pipe Sergeant of the United Yuma Firefighters Pipes and Drums.

Aside from the fire department, he is also a piper in three competition bands; Las Vegas Pipe Band, Glendale Pipes & Drums, and Saskatoon Police Pipes & Drums in Canada. He has also been a competitive soloist since 2015, recieving Piping Performance Level 5 from the Scottish Qualification Authority.

Jeremy has been teaching for several years and has students in a number of states. His favorite students are beginners and children.

He has attended the Arizona Fire Service Pipe Band Workshop for many years and was an assistant instructor last year (2022). He is excited to instruct this year and looks forward to contining to see service pipers grow in their musicianship.

Jeremy Tyree
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