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One of the primary intentions to the formation of the Arizona Fire Service Pipe Band was to standardize our music and get all of our statewide members on the same page, playing tunes the same way, so we have a cohesive sound when we play together. No matter where we're located in the state, we can get together for any event and play our sets the same way.

Below you will find the sheet music and drum scores for the tunes that the AFSPB plays.


A Hundred Pipers

Atholl Highlanders

Bonnie Dundee

High Road To Gairloch


Barren Rocks of Aden

Granite Mountain 19



Choose Drum Scores Filter:

AFSPB Fanfare - Bass

AFSPB Fanfare - Tenor

AFSPB March - Snare

America - Bass

America - Tenor

Bells of Dunblane - Bass/Tenor

Bells of Inverary - Bass

Bells of Inverary - Tenor Flourishes

Cajun Grace - Snare

Granite Mountain 19 - Snare

Highland Cathedral - Bass/Tenor

Lady MacKenzie - Snare

Mass Bands Bass (new)

Piper of Drummond - Bass

Piper of Drummond - Tenor

Rakes of Mallow - Snare

Snare 2/4 (old)

Snare 3/4 (old)

Snare 4/4 (old)

Snare 6/8 (old)

Tenor 2/4 (old)

Tenor 3/4 (old)

Tenor 4/4 (old)

AFSPB Fanfare - Snare

AFSPB March - Bass

AFSPB March - Tenor

America - Snare

Bass 6/8 (old)

Bells of Dunblane - Snare

Bells of Inverary - Snare

Cajun Grace - Bass/Tenor

Granite Mountain 19 - Bass

Granite Mountain 19 - Tenor

Lady MacKenzie - Bass

Lady MacKenzie - Tenor Flourishes

Massed Bands Bass (old)

Piper of Drummond - Snare

Piper of Drummond - Tenor Flourishes

Snare 2/4 (new)

Snare 3/4 (new)

Snare 4/4 (new)

Snare 6/8 (new)

Tenor 2/4 (new)

Tenor 3/4 (new)

Tenor 4/4 (new)

Tenor 6/8 (new)

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